Current Sounds: Stan Getz & Oscar Peterson

If you’re a jazz novice and you’re not sure where to start when it comes to the jazz section of your local record store, may I suggest you start with Stan Getz and / or Oscar Peterson.  I’m convinced that neither ever made a bad record.

Stan Getz is considered one of the kings of west coast jazz – It’s cool, it’s mellow, and it doesn’t leave you feeling frantic (I’ll admit that some of Charlie Parker’s albums make me feel tense.)  I knew I liked Stan Getz’s vibe,  so when down in New Orleans, I picked up one of his albums at this cool little music shop down by the railroad tracks.  Husband and I were embarking on a week-long road trip and needed some tunes.  Even though I didn’t know the album, I told husband that with Stan Getz we can’t miss.  And I was right.
The album became our theme to the entire trip.  And one of the best things about it, was it introduced us to another jazz legend – Oscar Peterson.  It was Stan Getz and the Oscar Peterson trio.  As we listened to Oscar’s amazing control of the keys, a midst his slightly comical scatting, we realized we had stumbled on a real gem of a record.  And when we got home, we bought it on vinyl.  
Now it seems like magic.  Anytime I see an Oscar Peterson album in a record store, I buy it and it’s always amazing.  Same with Stan Getz.  So the moral of today’s blog post is pretty much listen to more jazz, and that jazz should be played by Stan Getz and Oscar Peterson!  

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