3 Ways to De-Stress Immediately

Now-a-days it seems like everyone is going about a mile a minute.  With our smart phones always at our sides, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of digital noise and activity that never seems to stop.  This can get even more intense if you work within the social media management industry like I do – Imagine all your personal tweets, Instagram and Facebook notifications and multiply it by several brand accounts to constantly monitor…It can get intense!  

But whenever it seems like I’m on digital overload I try these three techniques and instantly I feel better. It’s like a breath of fresh digital air – Like I just finished cleaning my home and I can now relax knowing there isn’t some lingering bit of organizing I really should be tackling.  
Step One:  Unsubscribing
Go through your email inbox and unsubscribe, one by one, to every eblast you aren’t really reading.  Even if you’re holding out for the two big sale emails from your favorite brands, you’ll feel so much better if you’re not having to constantly clean out your inbox of daily sale pitches.  Additionally, you won’t be tempted to make a purchase when you know you really shouldn’t.  Instead, take pleasure in a streamlined inbox – with only the mail you really want to read.  Not only will your number of unread emails shrink, you’ll also be better able to see and respond to the ones that matter.
Step Two: Change your notification settings on your phone
Is that constant sound each time someone tags you on Facebook getting on your nerves?  Or how about when you look at your phone and are hit with a home-screen full of little red notification circles?  For most apps, the default setting is to include a sound, home-screen banner and app badge each time there  is an update, but you can change that in your notification settings.  Simply go to Settings > Notification Center and scroll down to see all your installed apps.  Click on each one and switch the settings to fit your liking.  Don’t want the red icon showing up? Turn off the “Badge App Icon.”  Want to ditch the sound notifications? Turn the sound for that app off.  For most of my apps, I turned off all notifications and only kept select notifications for things like my voicemail messages and missed calls.  Prioritize what you want to be notified about and ditch all those little red circles for good!  
Step Three: Actually Disconnect
It’s not a matter of just powering down.  One of the best ways to de-stress is to de-screen.  Don’t turn off your computer just to watch TV; the best way to relax is to power down all your devices and get outside.  Take a walk, sit on the porch or take a book to your closest park or beach.  Take solace in the fact that you are unreachable for a few hours, and really enjoy the present moment around you.  

And that’s it!  My three simple tips on how to de-stress in a hurry.  Hope your day is a little less busy and a little more brilliant!  

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