3 Perfect Scents for Summer

About this time of year, my mind begins to wander towards dreams of tropical vacations, lazy Sundays on the beach and late-night barbecues on the balcony.  Summer is basically here.  And one way that I embrace summer is by switching my perfume to something that captures the essence of the season. Here’s my top 3 summer scents that every California girl (both literally and in spirit) should try… 

♥  Amongst the Waves  – Olivine Atelier 

I tried this scent in a sample pack I received over the holidays and instantly was transported back to Kauai.  It captures the ocean breeze and thick floral scent of a tropical paradise, without being overpowering or too sweet.  Definitely my favorite.  

This has been my staple “beach scent” for the past three summers.  It’s light, fresh, easy and great for pairing with other oils.  
This is a straight forward as it gets.  Plumeria is one of my favorite floral scents for summer because, again, it reminds me of Hawaii.  I love mixing this oil with the Bobby Brown Beach perfume, as it adds another dimension.  Remember, oil is stronger than perfume, so all you need is a dab or two of this stuff on your wrists and neck and you’re good to go!

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