This Must Be the Place

Hey there Blogland, how ya been?
Well I’ve been all kinds of busy, and I have some very big news…
After nearly 7 years of living in Beverly Hills, the boy and I have moved.  We’ve moved east, to Silverlake, where (according to this Forbes article) the hippest hipster kids hang out!  It’s been something of a drawn out move – roughly 2 weeks of toting things back and forth between our two places, but as of today, we turned in our keys and are officially, 100% residents of Silverlake.
Hooray & Hallelujah!  
Our time at the apartment we left in Beverly Hills was the longest I’ve lived anywhere besides my childhood home (where I am happy to say, my parents still reside) and I was rather emotional yesterday as I packed up the last of our stuff, did a final swipe of the vacuum, and locked up for good.  It’s like the end of an era.
We moved into that place a year into our marriage  (now 6 years strong) and it felt like HOME.  It saw our honeymoon days, our early financial struggles, our tragedies, and our joys.  It was the site of so much love, dancing, music and laughter.  It’s where I cried and wrote and dreamed and discovered just how much  can do and all the things I can be.  It was warm and “lived in” and lovely.  It was our home and I am going to miss it. 
With that said, I am so excited about our new place…It’s bigger, with two balconies, and sooo much potential for cuteness – I can hardly wait to decorate and share just what an adorable place we’ve landed! I am obsessively compiling inspirations on Pinterest, and slowly planning out how we want to decorate– I’ll be sure to share some of my ideas later this week.  In the meantime, let me end this era with a quote….
“You know you’ve made it when you’re living in Beverly Hills…But for us that was just the beginning.” — The Boy.


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