Snapshots of a Lazy Day

By Heather Toner

I’m one of those lazy people who has real guilt issues about being lazy.  Rather than just enjoying the time I have to kick back and take it easy, I spend most of my r&r time thinking about all the things I really should be doing.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, except then I fail to appreciate all the rejuvenating power of a lazy day at home.  And what good is that?  
But not this time, oh no.  I had a day off this past friday and I made a special effort to be as lazy as possible.  I took a walk around town, literally stopped to smell and take photos of the flowers.  I drank cups of tea, strummed the ukulele and generally just allowed myself to steep in the quiet of our apartment.  
An excellent day.  And just what I needed to get past my sloth-dom.  (See previous post.

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