Catching Up, Cutouts, and New Clothes

By Heather Toner

It’s been a whirlwind of a few days.  The aftermath of Giselle was so exciting, and rather all consuming.  Plus the preparations for the next show at The Music Center – James Brown: Get on the Good Foot, A Celebration in Dance has been taking up the bulk of my attention, since it opens this Friday.
If you follow The Music Center on Instagram, you may have seen my #JamesBrownAroundTown campaign, where I am toting around a cardboard cut out of a James Brown look alike…I’ve christened him Lil’ JB.  It’s been a fun Instagram campaign, and it reflects the fun style of the show, but it has been a bit of a challenge carting the thing all over Los Angeles!  
But in the meantime, I’ve been going through my closet and revamping my “look” so to speak.  It just felt like time to really assess my wardrobe and clear out some of my older pieces that don’t quite work anymore.  I will keep clothes until the cows come home, even when I probably shouldn’t!  I am making it my goal this month to be really strict with myself on what pieces are truly right for me, and which I need to part with…

What I am leaning towards is a more bohemian sophistication – Easy layers, pretty florals, all with a twinge of a western flair!  I also enrolled in a new online styling service called Stitch Fix after talking to my younger brother’s girlfriend about it.  Stitch Fix is a pretty awesome online service that helps you revamp your look at a fraction of the cost.  My first “fix” is the end of this month and I cannot wait to see what my stylist sends me!  

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