DIY Gold Flower Wall Art

By Heather Toner

My Aunt Jeanette gave me this adorable set of 3D flowers that adhere to walls through magnetic tacks.  I immediately thought they would look super cute over our bed, but knew I’d have to change them up a bit since all our walls are white and I wanted these flowers to stand out.
Enter the ever fabulous gold spray paint!  Just a quick couple coats and my snow white wallflowers suddenly became glorious golden buds!  One issue that I’ve always have when it comes to spray painting projects, is a lack of outdoor space in which to do it.  We have no yard, or garage space where we could use the aerosol paint, yet with this easy project, I was able to simply lay down a newspaper platform on the floor and do everything right here in our apartment, just making sure I had a few windows open for ventilation.
Once dry, I arranged the flowers above our bed in a sort of a side swept formation, as if a gust of wind had just naturally blown them that way.  But one of the best things about these wallflowers, is that I can rearrange them as much or as little as I want…I love having that kind of flexibility!
Thanks to my Aunt Jeanette for my lovely flowers!  They really all new dimension to out bedroom wall!  🙂 

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