Beauty comes in Waves

By Heather Toner

I have stick straight hair.  It’s thin, it’s limp and it doesn’t hold a curl easily.  I’ve always struggled to add shape and volume to my mop, but lately I’ve found a new tool that gives me just the right amount of volume, shape and curl – I give you the FHI Heat Runway IQ Session Styling Kit; or more aptly named, kick ass heat rollers…  
I purchased the set from after seeing one of my favorite beauty vloggers rave about it.  You can watch the video on how to use the rollers here (there is also a discount in the lower bar!) While the set is rather expensive and I am not usually one to spend so much on hair products, I do have to say that so far, I think it’s been worth every penny when it comes to adding much needed body to my limp, fragile hair.  

I’ve been simply washing and blow drying my hair at night, then using the roller in the morning before doing my makeup for work.  It’s easy, fast and actually a kind of fun part of my morning routine!

And as you can see, the end result gives me easy going, loose curls that look like they required next to no effort at all…And they kind of didn’t!

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