Reflecting on Birthdays, Blogging, and New Goals

By Heather Toner

Cheers to 2014

I’ll just come right out and say it: This year wasn’t a good year for my blogging.  I used to be really diligent about posting everyday, and did so for about 3 years, but then something changed.  That urge I had to blog sort of drifted away.  I couldn’t really understand the why, so I sort of did my best to push through it, but it only got worse.

When I look back at my posts from 2013, I actually see all the holes in my year – All the things that happened that I didn’t blog about, all the pictures I took that I didn’t post, and all the burgers I’ve tasted that I’ve yet to share.  It’s actually a bit sad, and I feel determined to not let it happen in 2014.  
This blog has always been a wonderful outlet for me and a great motivator for me to write, make things, and improve my photography skills.  So many good things have happened in my life thanks to blogging, and I don’t really want to give it up.  
So, with that said, I feel like I have cleared the virtual air and I can get on with this blog again.  My birthday is just before Christmas, so I usually use it as a time to make my yearly resolutions (rather than New Year’s, since I like to be different!) Below is my running list of resolutions for this new year of my life…

1.  Blog regularly again
2.  Improve my ukulele playing (I want to be able to play at least 4 songs really well)
3.  Go to dance class more regularly
4.  Learn two new dinner recipes I can perfect
5.  Read 5 new books
6.  Make a weekly page in my Project Life book
7.  Try out a new hair style
8.  Do at least 1 big purge and donate lots of clothes / books / stuff
9.  Visit someplace I’ve never been before
10. Plan a weekend getaway for me and the boy

So here we go – The start of a new year… It’s going t o be amazing, I’m certain!  

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