Countdown to Christmas – Our First LIVE Christmas Tree

By Heather Toner

Live Christmas trees always felt like a luxury to me.  Not exactly sure why, but suffice to say, the boy and I have never indulged ourselves with a fresh tree.  Year after year, we pull out the old faker, decorate it, and enjoy the appearance of perfectly balanced, symmetrical tree.  
This year we made the decision to buy a real one.  Our first real Christmas Tree.  I felt a bit like Clark Griswold as we headed out to the lot after work to find the perfect “Toner Family Christmas Tree.”  It was an epic moment.  
But truth be told the whole affair was almost too simple.  We only needed about a 4′ tree given that we display it on a table.  There were about a dozen, lovely, 4′ trees right at the entrance of the lot, and they were only $35.  The one we chose fit perfectly in the back seat of my car, and it was already fitted into a sturdy tree stand.  All the fuss and bother I remember from buying trees as a kid, didn’t seem to be an issue.  
Our little tree is now decorated and filling our apartment with a lively pine scent that can’t be beat.  I think it’s safe to say that we may continue buying live trees from here on out….It’s a luxury I think we can handle, as it wasn’t too luxurious after all!  

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