I absolutely love making holiday themed crafts this time of year and here is a simple tutorial on how to make an adorable craft that works as a perfect gift or even a present topper!

First you’ll need to gather some supplies.  Here’s what you need:

-Half a clear ball ornament (you can buy plastic ones at Michaels that open up like an Easter egg)
-Holiday paper
-Miniature Christmas Trees (can be found at most craft stores with the miniature displays)
-Fake Snow
-Wire Clippers
-Holiday Stickers (I used Snowmen and Santa Claus stickers bought at Michaels)
-Glue gun
-Tinsel or other kind of holiday trim

Start by tracing your ornament onto the cardboard and your background paper.  Cut out the circles making two of the paper ones.  Glue or tape 1 of the paper circles on the cardboard.  This will be the front of your snow scene.

Using your wire clippers, trim off the base from your miniature tree.  Then take the scissors and cut off a portion of the tree in back so it can lay flat on your paper circle.  Use hot glue to secure it to the paper.

Go ahead and add any other embellishments to your snow scene.  I included a snowman sticker and a chipboard snowflake.

Now pour a bit of snow into the plastic ornament half.  Line your circular snow scene with hot glue, then very carefully, sandwich the half ornament ball onto the cardboard circle.  Be sure to line it up so that the ornament loop is at the top of your scene and try not to lose any of the snow!

Finally,  cut your tinsel or trim to line the outside of the ornament.  Attach with hot glue then attach your second paper circle to the back of the ornament.  This should completely cover the cardboard and any raw edges of your trim.

Add a loop of bakers twine or ribbon and you’re ready to hang your snow dome ornament on a tree or attach to a gift.  Happy Holiday Crafting everyone! 

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