The Road Less Traveled

By Heather Toner

All dogs love The Boy

Above are pictures from a morning walk we took in North Carolina, moments before a downpour of rain.  It was a quiet country road – complete with local, free roaming dogs, and frogs that practically blended in with the rocks on the ground.  It was certainly a road less traveled than we’re used to seeing in LA.

Roads, paths, journeys are interesting things….

The other day, someone asked my about my high school experience, which led me to begin speaking about my ballet experience, which then led to my decision to leave high school early and my determination NOT to go to college, and my life in ballet companies, but then how I ended up at college, only to meet The Boy, and struggle through a long distance relationship, and how eventually I ended up working in production, then dance, then franchise marketing, then fashion blogging and social media to now.

(For all you grammer-nuts out there, I realize that is a run on sentence.  Just know that I know.)

Thing is, I haven’t told the whole long story in a long time and I suppose I wasn’t expecting a positive reaction to it.  After all, I haven’t always stuck to the plan over the years, and I guess I wonder if that was always the right thing to do.  Yet, this new friend was genuinely interested and thought my unusual path was actually a great one.

So, it got me thinking about taking risks and taking the road less traveled.  Regardless of the outcome, I’m so glad that I took all the chances I did, and followed the paths I chose.  And perhaps, it’s important to keep making those kind of choices, even if the well worn path looks easier…

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