Currently in Pre-Christmas

By Heather Toner

Tis the season to start running around like crazy, right?  In my opinion, Thanksgiving being late this year is messing with everyone.  It makes me feel like I am already way behind on holiday shopping, crafting and decorating; you know? (And I suppose I am.)

But there are things about this time of year that I love…Little things that start cropping up, like Red cups at Starbucks, and special “holiday flavor” everything!  KOST fm, a socal radio station, has already begun playing nothing but Christmas music, and while part of me feels like it’s annoying, another part of me cannot help but feel happy at the sounds of Nat King Cole, crooning “Merry Christmas to you…”
This time of year usually flies by – with every weekend accounted for some event or party, and work suddenly getting extremely busy (no matter what job I’m in.)  So in a way, I’m glad the festive spirit is starting early.  Perhaps with being prepared so early, we’ll all have more time to revel in the decked halls and roasting chestnuts.  

And on that note, I’ve slowly begun breaking out my Christmas decorations, as seen in the picture above.  The Boy protested, but I just couldn’t resist!

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