By Heather Toner

Fred Astaire Life Magazine

In the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movie Swing Time, the couple sing to themselves about “picking up and starting over again when you fall.”  It’s a lighthearted, sweet song that’s meant to help with Fred’s discouragement as Ginger is trying to teach him how to tap dance (of course, he’s faking his lack of ability.)  
I was thinking of that song this morning as I got ready for work and I thought about all the ups and downs I’ve been through lately.  There has been a lot of positive change around me, but with that, a lot of growing pains.  I feel like I am in a regular pattern of bounding, falling and rebounding – Really high highs, and really low lows.  While I know that this is just a phase and like anything, things will settle down again eventually, it’s still been hard to stay creatively motivated lately in the midst of those low times.  
And yet, the thought of Fred and Ginger’s light-footed lesson actually helps.  I want to keep bounding and rebounding and jumping for more, because, why not?  And after all, it’s Friday so bounding is completely appropriate in my opinion! 
Have a good weekend!

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