Music to my Heart

By Heather Toner

Hello Blogland!  How have you been?  Me?  Oh I am doing fine, just fine and dandy!  Well rested from my much needed blogging hiatus.
I’m back with new vigor and new ideas to share.  Plus, I am starting a new job at one of my favorite places in Los Angeles….  The Los Angeles Music Center!  I started today as their manager of Social Media and Promotions!  
So much has happened over the past few months.  I helped launch a new collection of activewear for the online subscription clothing company JustFab, called Fabletics.  The site is up and the clothes are all pretty awesome.  Head over there and take a look (regardless of whether your athletic or not!)
I celebrated my 5th wedding anniversary with the boy.  Five years.  Hell yes.  
We finished our east coast road trip, of which I still have loads of photos to share and will be sure to do so in the days to come.
I also cut my hair, got highlights, traveled to New York for work for the second time in my life, accompanied the boy to Paso Robles, learned about Cabernet Pfeffer, and rediscovered my love for grapefruit.  
All in all, a great many great things going on! 

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