Sweet Savannah

By Heather Toner

Anytime we said “Savannah” it had to be spoken with a long southern drawl on the end… Savannuhhhh! It was one of the rules of our road trip. 
I loved Savannah. And not because of the gorgeous Spanish moss on all the trees. Or the beautiful squares lining the blocks.  Or the delicious meal we had at  The Olde Pink House.  Those were factors for my favoritism, sure. But I think what I loved most about Savannah was the feeling it gave me. A romantic feeling. 
It felt like a place from another time. A movie set. A cross between Disneyland, Avonlea, and London. There was something eerie about it too; something sad…Like long lost letters to an estranged lover that were never delivered but found years later in an old shoe box. The town had the same twinge of romantic sadness.  
There was just something about Savannah….
You can see what with the Mad Hatter Shop, the Pirates House and cinema showings of Mary Poppins, it was easy to sometimes feel like we were in Disneyland!  

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