Auburn’s Fighting Eagles or Tigers?

By Heather Toner

We stopped for one night in Auburn, Alabama, just off the Auburn University campus.  As we drove into town we listened to Stan Getz, who now strangely I will always associate with memories of Auburn!  The girl working the hotel front desk told us she was a student there…She had all the pep and enthusiasm I had when I was in college too.  
We walked down the road to “the best restaurant in Auburn,” and had ourselves a surprisingly delicious meal.  Then we walked back through the campus and I saw fireflies for the first time in my life.  Yes, seriously.

We had such a nice time walking around Auburn as lighting and storm clouds slowly closed in on us, always threatening to spoil our good time.  We saw the place where the Toomer’s Trees once stood, and the boy told me the story of how, as a prank from Auburn’s football rivals, they were poisoned one football season and had died.   Thus destroying a huge part of campus life, and some really nice trees that didn’t deserve to die for football.

But Auburn seems a bit confused about who they want to be their school mascot…There were a lot of references to both Eagles and Tigers.  Like come on, just pick an animal and be done with it!

All in All, Auburn wasn’t half bad…It was actually an unexpectedly nice stop off on our Big Kettle Drum Road Trip!  

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