What Happened on Bourbon Street…

By Heather Toner

We were completely cliche on our first night in New Orleans.  We went to Bourbon Street after a late dinner with the intention of getting one, maybe two drinks.  I’m pretty sure we exceeded that limit fairly quickly and well, we felt the errors of our ways the next day.  But hey, it was out first night of vacation and we couldn’t go home, so we went big, as they say.  
By the 3rd round of drinks we began to see how many people we could get to allow us to take their picture for this blog.  Surprisingly, almost everyone we stopped was game.  Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was the warm night air, or maybe it was just that I am damn convincing when it comes to getting people to pose for me, whatever prompted these strangers to take part, I think the result is well worth the effort.  Now we have an assortment of snapshots documenting the strange encounters we made on Bourbon Street.  And to be honest, if it weren’t for these pictures, we wouldn’t have remembered most of the night…. 

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