Hanging out at Degas’ House

By Heather Toner

Did you know that Edgar Degas, the French Impressionist painter, spent a few years of his life living in New Orleans?  I didn’t, but I was more than pleased to discover this fact as the boy and I rode rented bikes through the city of NOLA.  
This is Edgar Degas’ House…
Now, I know riding bikes is cool, and the whole “city bike” thing seems to be a quickly growing trend at the moment.  But as much as I love a nice bike ride on a bike path, riding a bike on busy city streets is not that appealing to me.  In fact it basically freaks me out.  
When the boy and I first rented our bikes for a day of riding around New Orleans, I was terrified.  The streets are bumpy, really narrow and many are one-way.  So not being familiar with my surroundings, and feeling unsteady on my giant cruiser didn’t help to quell my fears.  But after about an hour of riding, I started to build some confidence.  It was fun!  And as a result, we covered much more of the city than if we had been on foot.  
And in the evening, I was somewhat sad to say goodbye to my trusty bike…She was pretty good to me!  

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