This Weekend…

By Heather Toner

This weekend was full of fun, strangeness and a lesson in going with the flow.
stripper heels
It started out with me turning in my key at Jigsaw.  A big moment for me.  Bittersweet, exciting and slightly anti-climatic.  I’m starting a new job with Just Fab today and I’m simply brimming with excitement!
Then Saturday morning started with a screening of Monsters University.  Let me just take a moment to prep you on just how strongly I feel about Pixar….I love them.  Their movies meant so much to me in my adolescent and early adult life.  I adore how they generally concentrate on the story of their films, above everything else.  And I saw the first Monsters Inc. movie during one of the most difficult times in my ballet career…. At the risk of sounding really dramatic, it sort of saved me at a time when I felt completely discouraged.  So I really wanted to love this new prequel.
It didn’t disappoint.  It was (as I call it) old school Pixar – clever, funny and heartwarming.  I loved watching it and, judging by all the applause around me in the theater, the rest of the viewers did too.  (However, the boy did not.  So, I’m not sure what that says about the film, but let it be known that not everyone is a fan.)
Then, I segued into a totally different side of my life, and spent Saturday afternoon (and late evening) working as a backup dancer.  It was surreal as I donned a wig, and 4 inch heels to perform for a courtyard of Hollywood elites.  I was completely gogo-dancer-chic!  We used Valley of the Dolls as our make-up inspiration and covered ourselves in glitter.  It was a total trip, but I had fun and was reminded of just how much work can go into even the most simplistic of performances.
Then Sunday was spent with my family, celebrating Father’s Day by talking about film and television, eating tacos and (in my case) doing laundry.  I feel so fortunate to be a part of my particular family.  We may not be perfect, but we certainly know how to have a nice time, and this Sunday was no different.  It was wonderful just sitting in the sunshine with my family – Laughing, reminiscing and having fun!

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