A change is gonna come….

By Heather Toner

I’ve been quiet on the online social front the past week or so because I’ve been doing quite a lot of thinking, considering, pros and cons listing and the like….You see, I’ve been making some big changes over here.  After more than a year of working at Jigsaw – writing their blog, managing their digital marketing, and social media – I have made the decision to move on to something new.  
I don’t feel quite ready to divulge more about this new job just yet, but suffice to say, I’m excited!  It was one of those cases where all the stars seemed to align and all the signs were pointing towards this new chance.  
Changes are always a bit uneasy.  There’s the adjustment, the awkwardness of something new and the bitterness that comes with having to say goodbye to projects past.  But with change also comes new chances – A chance to start fresh.  
I love starting fresh.  I love getting second chances.  I love being able to start over in a new place.  It’s a new chance to be the best version of myself…And I’m taking it! 

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