Love me Some Apps!

By Heather Toner

The other night, the boy and I were talking about apps.  Well, I was talking, he was listening.  There are so many fabulous apps on the market at the moment, but I want to share just a few that I find myself using all the time lately….


The #1 downloaded app of the last few weeks features handwritten phrases and doodles from blogging goddesses Elsie and Emma.  I love this app because, not only does it give me a chance to create personalized photos just like Elsie, it’s also an app that was made with blogging in mind.  Also, I think it’s really impressive that the Beautiful Mess team took on this challenge and succeeded, just as they seem to do with every other project they take on.  ABeautifulMess app says quite a lot about innovation in the blogging industry.


I was turned on to this app from fellow blogger Jenny from Margo & Me.  PuddingCam is another in-camera app that allows you to try different lenses, filters and exposures, but what makes this app stand out is the sheer diversity of combinations.  You can change the “film-type,” lenses and filters with each shot to create a myriad of effects.  And the process is as fun as it is slightly addictive.


Another app created by one of my favorite bloggers,  BlogGo is the brainchild of Dana from Wonder Forest.  I just downloaded this app and have only used it once, but already I can tell it’s an answer to my app prayers.  BlogGo is the first app to successfully allow you to compose and post blog posts to Blogger all from your mobile phone.  This app was long overdue and already I can tell it’s going to change my blogging life.  Another example of bloggers making incredible apps to help other bloggers…You gotta admit, thats pretty cool!

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