Sprucing and Spacing this Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day!  This long weekend the boy and I have found ourselves doing a fair share of exploring, going out and staying in.  It’s been the perfect blend of lazy and active, lovely and slow.  All weekends should be 3 days.  I don’t know why this hasn’t been changed yet.  {Seriously.} 
Memorial Day Flowers

We’ve done 3 Burger Quests, and some major hunting for new furniture.  I am slowly upgrading our apartment with vintage pieces that give it a delightful mid-century modern type quality.  We haven’t been that successful to be honest, but it’s still fun to hunt around and see what all is out there.  
Additionally, the boy chopped his hair off (ready for summer) and I colored mine brighter red (perhaps a bit brighter than I would have liked!)  
And of course, we’ve been watching the new Arrested Development episodes on Netflix.  We’re only about halfway through, but I have to say I haven’t really been that keen on the new shows.  They seem overly complicated, requiring a lot of Ron Howard voice over to explain things…And I didn’t even recognize Lindsay.  But I love that Isla Fisher is in it! 
So that’s the update.  Today we intend to do more of the same.  Enjoy the rest of you’re Memorial Day!    

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