Weekend ‘Get-To’ List

A very wise and fabulous woman gave this piece of advice for what to do when your “to-do” list is stressing you out.  
Simply change the way you think of it.  Change all those “HAVE TO’S” into “GET TO’s!”  It’s an easy trick to play on yourself and I think it’s remarkable in the way it works.  Suddenly a list of – I have to clean the kitchen, and I have to go to the market and I have to swing by the post office – sounds a lot more appealing when you think of it as a privilege and a treat…
I get to clean the kitchen (it’s so nice to have a kitchen TO clean) and I get to go to the market (I won’t be hungry tonight) and I get to swing by the post office (always filled with unusually entertaining people!)  
The simple act of replacing the have’s with get’s suddenly opens up a whole new space to see the positive possibilities hidden within each mundane chore.  Give it a try and I’m sure you’ll like it too!  
It’s even better when the list includes mostly fun activities too, which I’m thrilled to say my long weekend “get-to” list does!  Here’s what I GET TO do this weekend…

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