Los Angeles Randomness on La Brea

There is this crazy prop store over on La Brea that I have driven past a thousand times, but never bothered to go in.  It is filled with all kinds of props, furniture, signs and scraps.  A few Saturday’s ago the boy and I finally decided to go in and explore.  In a word, it’s delightful!
Nick Metropolis Collectible Furniture has just a little bit of everything.  And by everything, I mean literally all kinds of random items – including the kitchen sink.  If I ever planned to open a store or buy a house or even when the boy and I finally upgrade to a bigger apartment, Nick’s will be a necessary stop to pick up some, shall we say, character building design pieces!  
If you ever have an hour to kill, I recommend getting lost in the perpetual, whimsical junkyard that is Nick Metropolis.  You won’t be sorry.  

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