That Time We Went Golfing in Los Feliz

After The Masters this year, I sort of got it in my head that I wanted to take up golf.  So naturally, the boy seized the opportunity to actually go and play a little golf with me in tow.  We went to a pitch and putt in Los Feliz and tried our hands at 9 holes.


I was not very good, and I also found myself incredibly self-conscious – Like I was back in P.E. class hoping no one could see me struggle.  Some French tourists asked us if we wanted to play with them and I said a big No Thank You to that.  (They brought their own clubs, so it seemed pretty obvious we’d be out of their league.)  But by the 3rd hole I was doing better.  I was actually hitting the ball and even having quite a bit of fun.


Who knew that I’d ever try to golf beyond that of the “mini” variety?  Can’t wait to get out to the greens again soon….Preferably in a better outfit next time.  (I’m still convinced that a good golf outfit can make or break your game! 😉

Also, there were quite a few very friendly lizzards on the green.  I see this as an additional plus.


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