Pets that Don’t Belong to Me (Part 1)

I’ve been talking about how I want a pet for sometime now.  I’ve considered a cat, but truth be told, I’m not the biggest fan of the felines.  I almost took the plunge and adopted a dog last month, but I waited a tad too long and someone scooped him up before I could.  
I’m still a bit upset about that one.  
I declared to the boy that I will be looking into adopting a dog again, hopefully later in the month of May, but in the meantime I’m enjoying any chance I get to be around other people’s pets.  Case in point, my Aunt Christy’s dog Pika.  

Pika is getting on in years, but he is still such a sweetheart.  My cousins named him after a Pokemon character.  That just shows you how long he’s been a part of the family – He came along when Pokemon cards were all the rage amongst the youngsters.  He loves nothing more than for someone to scratch his tummy and he has the cutest little face. 
I always thought he resembled a baby harp seal….  

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