I thought I understood it, but I didn’t.  There was so much that I just had no idea about…
I thought I’d never go to college.  (Seriously glad I did!)
I thought I’d never get married. (Also, glad I did.)
I thought wondering was something I’d outgrow.
I thought I’d be a big star.
I thought I was too fat.
I thought common sense (especially when it comes to safety) would win out.
I thought I may have to settle.
I thought the good guy always wins.
I thought I would get a cramp and die if I didn’t wait at least 45 minutes after eating to go in the pool.
I thought I’d never be pretty.
I thought I’d always be young.
I thought there was something wrong about being weird.
I thought I’d always be alone.
I thought I understood it…
(But I didn’t.)

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