1990’s Romantic Comedies…

Those romantic comedies of the 90’s were the stuff my romantic dreams were made of.  I grew up watching Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks repeatedly try to get together against odds of corporate consumerism and long distance radio shows (that’s a reference to You’ve Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle, in case you didn’t know.)
What I adore about all those 90’s RomComs is that the whole “girl power” thing was still going strong and as a result, the female leads were always smart, independent and funny — as well as being pretty.  
When I wore this outfit to work the other day, I just felt like I was channeling that Meg Ryan-cira-1997-vibe.  Something about my hair being up in a low bun, the knee length skirt, white tee, mint blazer – I looked professional, yet laid back, sophisticated yet feminine, youthful but put-together.  It was a good look for me.  Unlike other looks which actually solicited straight up laughter (in my face) from people…More about that later.  
For now, let me bask in my 1990’s fashion glory.  

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