Blogger Friends and Real-Life Friends

I didn’t expect to suddenly feel so fortunate.  Perhaps I was taking my friends for granted.  Perhaps in our busy, individual worlds it’s too easy to forget that other people may be thinking about you – Just as you are thinking about them.  Perhaps it’s just that I am THAT self involved, which, hey I am not going to argue.  {It’s safe to say I am a bit self-involved.} 
But whatever the cause of my distraction, it only made my realization all the more sweet.  
I’ve realized over this past month that I have some pretty amazing friends – online and offline.  And that makes me feel awfully lucky.  
For instance, Brittany actually fedex’ed me some Trefoil Girl Scout Cookies when I humorously bitched to her about the fact that, while I bought a box from a local girl scout, I was given the brush (told they were “sold out”) and honestly those are the ONLY flavor of Girl Scout cookies I care about.  My stomach was heartbroken – if that can happen – and Brittany saved me with a package of the “sold out” butter cookies delivered directly to my office.  It was unexpected.  It was adorable.  And it was oh so tasty!  
Then there is Caitlyn, who thinks of me so often.  She is constantly promoting what I do and always quick to help me when I am in need (even when I am in need of a date to a Dodgers game and she is a self proclaimed “NOT sporty person.”)  So many things come my way just thanks to Caitlyn’s consideration.  And being friends with her is the most natural thing in the world.  It’s easy.  And it’s awesome.      
And then there are all the uh-mazing people who I’ve connected with through blogging – Kam, Alycia, Megan, Tammy, Megan FlynnElizabeth and Jennifer (just to name a few.)  The blogging community is so special, so open and unlike any other.  I love being able to work with other bloggers one on one – It’s such a genuine and pleasant form of marketing work.  I guess I only have twitter and work and just plan good luck to thank for introducing me to all these amazing women.  But regardless of how connections happen, I just feel so fortunate that they do.  
And they continually do.  

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