Los Angeles is Lovely… Particularly Bunker Hill

We spent one saturday exploring Downtown LA.  It’s something we do fairly regularly.  When I first met the boy I would refuse to visit downtown.  I would go to a show at the music center, but never explore beyond that because I had always been told how it’s completely unsafe.  

And it was.  It still is in certain areas, but nowadays, on the whole, it’s really not.

men running down the street in pink tutus. standard. 

There is a whole side to Downtown LA that has just been blossoming over the past decade.  There is some amazing architecture, delicious restaurants and delightful attractions to enjoy.  It’s becoming a place I want to be a part of – it’s even on our short list of places to live – but the area around Bunker Hill is still my absolute favorite part of Downtown Los Angeles.  
I think you can see why.  

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