The Boy’s Birthday

It’s a big one and he prefers I not make a big deal (which goes against all my instincts.)  But I will say this:  I love that with each year, as the boy and I grow older together, we continue to find new joys, new interests and new adventures.  Together.  
Together might just be the most beautiful word.  
I wake up feeling a tightness in my chest sometimes – A feeling of anxiety over what I’m supposed to be at this stage in my life.  Then I remember that there is no Supposed To.  I think it’s easier today than ever before to get caught up in comparisons.  You have 400 plus friends on facebook to measure your successes against.  It makes it tricky to keep your convictions.  It can make you more aware of your age.  (Silly Facebook.)    
But I wouldn’t trade a day.  I wouldn’t change a thing.  Life doesn’t always turn out the way you thought, but it can be better than you ever thought possible too.  
So, here’s to another year, another decade, another day.  

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