The Masters

I have never been interested in golf, but something about this year’s Masters got to me.  I started watching the live streaming the boy had going (using almost every screen in the joint) and I saw something I had never noticed in golf – It’s kind of beautiful.  
It was like watching a ballet adagio – Slow and quiet and lovely.  The precision in the swing as the golfers tee off.  The curve of their spine as the twist and swing through – just gorgeous.

The Masters

Then there is the course.  It made me want to go to Augusta, Georgia.  Everything looked lush and birds could be heard through the broadcast.  It felt like a perfect little oasis of spring and beauty.  Even in the rain.  

And finally, the outfits.  The golf outfits are simply awesome.  What’s not to like?  A sea of pastels moving slowly against a backdrop of green.  And everything looks so fresh and manicured.  It’s preppy at it’s best.  
I told the boy I’d like to take up golf.  Cute Aussies like this year’s winner Adam Scott doesn’t deter me either.  
First I’ll get myself an outfit then I’ll look into the learning how to play and all that jazz.  

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