Everyone Hates a Hipster

Even hipsters hate hipsters.  The hubs and I sometimes are mistaken as hipsters, but we are firm in attesting such a label.  We are not cool enough to be hipsters, and we don’t live in a hip place, so if there is anything that holds us back, it’s that.  And I’m cool with this.  
But then sometimes I think…
Would it be wrong to embrace my hipster side?  
Maybe it all goes back to the fact that I shouldn’t be afraid to except who I am – hip, nerd, cool, smart, cheesy, bratty, snobbish – all the things I am.  If that makes me a hipster than so be it.  Is that really so bad?  I will embrace the title, even if I still hate it.  
Of course, I still think that hipster I am not….I will never be hip enough.  

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