The #LuckyFabb Conference from a Brand Perspective

Sometimes it’s difficult for me to separate who I am and what I do.  Actually, this is a long time issue for me (more on that another time.)  But I find it becomes especially apparent when I am networking….I hate that word, so let’s scratch that and say mingling instead.  
Lucky Fabb Blogger Conference
I attended the LuckyFabb conference in LA over the past two days on behalf of my job with Jigsaw London.  My main goal for the event was mingling with fashion bloggers and trying to make connections with those that would be a good fit to partner with our brand.  I met so many amazing women – Some I knew already, some I had worked with before and others I met for the first time.  It was pretty awesome.  
But I was actually quite surprised by how informative many of the panels and breakout sessions were within the event.  Lucky had brought in a high caliber of industry heavy hitters, tech specialist, celebs and big brand advertising reps all of whom were incredibly helpful and inspiring, each in their own way.  
But I was definitely listening to all the panels from the point of view of my brand, not my personal blog (ok, there was one breakout session with makeup legend Bruce Grayson which, I’ll admit, I attended just for me. 😉 And the overarching element that I took away was this:
It’s not really worth anything to work with brands or bloggers that you, not only don’t have an affinity for, but that you also don’t stand for.  If it’s not your thing, it’s not going to work.  It’s selling out essentially, and it doesn’t do anyone any favors in the long run.  
Right now, with so many fashion and style blogs in the mix, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle.  Knowing your own true style and really owning that is the only way to attract brands that are right for you.  You’ll be happier and the brand will too.  
I want so much to write more about this – and I will, cause hell, who’s to stop me?  But in the meantime, I have to commend Lucky Magazine for putting together such an amazing, well organized and polished event that truly had a little something for everyone.  

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