Things About Being an Adult I Still Don’t Understand…

 * You don’t get a Spring Break, a Winter Break or a Summer Break (depending on your industry of course…I know you teachers get to partake in some of these things, but man, you’re job is so hard, I’d say you deserve it.) 
* Your metabolism changes.  And continues to change.  And not in the way you want it to.
* You can’t just be friends with your next door neighbor just because you’re about the same age.  It takes a lot more small talk.  And awkwardness.   
* There are still cliques, and mean girls and popular boys and that sort of nonsense…It just manifests itself differently.  
* You still have to clean your room (or at least you should.) 
* Swimming Pools are not given out as Christmas bonuses.  There actually aren’t that many bonuses. 
* Owning your own car doesn’t seem as liberating as it did at 16.  
* You don’t get stickers or stamps or little prizes when you go to the Dentist.  Why not something?  

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