Spring 1 – Vivaldi Recomposed

Spring 1 Vivaldi Recomposed Max Richter
Probably my favorite Max Richter piece.  Honestly I love this current composer’s work, but a lot of it is a little bit too gloomy for my taste.  I listen to it and I want to close all the curtains, poor myself a glass of wine and cry… Not really a good thing.  But his re-composition of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons is gorgeous.  The first movement of Spring is so uplifting and inspiring – I can’t listen to it without imagining choreography (and in my book, that’s a good thing.)  Have a listen to Vivaldi Recomposed below, but please disregard the lame graphics in the video…Close your eyes and just listen.  And if you haven’t indulged in a little bit of Max Richter, get ready to draw the curtains and submerge yourself in some truly brilliant (though admittedly moody) music. 

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