Over thinking.

I am a classic worrier and a constant over-thinker.  In a way, I know this is something of a good thing.  I look before I leap, I make lists and I consider.  But I also allow myself to overcomplicate things.  Relatively simple things.  I worry and I stress and I make myself miserable over decisions that shouldn’t be such a big deal.  
I suppose there have been times in my life when I was able to forego my angst and just go with the flow…Mainly during college, which makes sense given the circumstances.  But I long to get back to that easier-going state of mind.  
I had the chance to adopt a dog this weekend, something I have wanted to do for a very long time, but I spent a good 24 hours considering if I was ready, if it was a good decision, how it would effect my life and my husband’s life, and so on.  By the time I called the shelter saying I was ready to take the plunge, my little dog had already been nabbed by someone else.  I felt suddenly heartbroken.  This dog seemed like he was meant to be in my life – He was a good match, and because I over-thought the whole thing, I missed my chance and lost him.  
I’m not saying that all the thinking and evaluating I did wasn’t valid – adopting a pet is a huge responsibility in my mind and I do want to take it seriously.  But this whole situation has made me take stock of just how much I over think things, and perhaps make an effort to stop thinking and start taking some action.

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