Love Laura Petrie!

The Dick Van Dyke show is one of my current obsessions, but my love for it has been blooming for sometime.  The complete series is on Netflix and it’s simply a marvelous show.  I have taken to watching an in the morning before work.  It puts me in the best possible mood I can be in first thing in the morning.  
While at times, the 1960’s marital and gender roles viewpoint of the show can be at bit jarring, most of the time the show holds up – Bringing me to laughter as I see Laura and Rob go through some of the same fights and issues the husband and I face even today.  
It’s smart, it’s funny and of course, Dick Van Dyck is just amazing.  But if all that weren’t enough, Mary Tyler Moore is delightful as Rob Petrie’s wife Laura.   Her style is also something of an inspiration to me.  From her feminine, full-skirted frocks, to her pushing the television boundaries and insisting her character be allowed to wear pants, Laura Petrie’s look is the epitome of 60’s fashion and grace.  And I want some of it….I also kinda want to rock her hair-do.  Maybe I can bring that look back.






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