The Antique Asylum and other Lancaster Craziness

Remember how I said the boy and I went out to Palmdale for our Sonic Burger Quest and we sort of justified the trip out there with antique shopping?  Well here’s a little look at what actually went down…
 After Sonic’s we drove into Lancaster, the next town over to see a hotel that had been there since 1888.  
We saw it and we left it.  Not very much to see or report on that one, except that we can confirm that Lancaster, like Palmdale, is weird.  There were lots and lots of cars parked on the high street, but nobody actually out.  It was windy, but desolate, like a ghost town from a western, except the town has modern shops like Walmart and Target.  There was just something weird about the place.  
As far as the Antique Asylum, well there were plenty of slightly crazy people  in there and the prices on many of the items were incredibly reasonable, but selection wise it didn’t quite hold up to the place in Whittier or Wertz Brothers.  Still, I’d say it was worth the trip.
I did happen to find this strange ballerina painting which I insisted we take home, I mean how can I pass something like this up, right?

But altogether, I’m not in any hurry to go back to Palmdale or Lancaster.  It was interesting enough for a one-time day trip, but to make the trek out there again anytime soon?  Well that’d be just crazy.  

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