A 1940’s Valentine

So a bit late in my recap, but better late than never right?  The boy and I had a lovely Valentine’s Day at home last week, but in an effort to make it unique, we celebrated the night with a 1940’s theme…

We got dressed up in 40’s garb, listened to jazz records from the era, and ate re-heated chicken pot pie.  The boy gave me a $5 bouquet of tulips and he remarked at how they were expensive (as this was the 1940’s after all.)

We stayed away from our many computer screens, iphones and television shows for the night and just enjoyed some quiet time together.  It was perfect.  
We did also exchange gifts, though they weren’t really in the theme of the night – I have the boy some new threads and he gave me a fancy-shmancy electric toothbrush.  Not that romantic, but certainly needed.

I really do like any excuse to tell the boy how much I love him; and as cheesy as it is, Valentine’s Day remains one of my favorite holidays!  

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