Measuring out Lots of Love

This week has been a bit manic for me, with work and just life stuff, but I still want to take the time to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the boy.  So I am making an effort to slow down and pay attention to all the love I have around me (which, for the record, is a LOT.)

When the boy and I were first dating, and we came upon our first Valentine’s together, he was reluctant to acknowledge the holiday.  He rightfully noted that it’s a fake holiday, created by marketers with the goal of selling chocolates and flowers.  He explained to me that he shouldn’t have an obligated day on which to tell me that he loves me, because that cheapens the sentiment.  It feels forced, pretentious and silly. 
He explained all this to me with such eloquence in his swoon-worthy British accent, and yet, I didn’t budge.  I simply explained to him that, as pretentious as it may be, I like Valentine’s Day and I want some damn flowers!  😉 
We definitely don’t need an excuse to tell one another how we feel…But it’s still nice to do it!  

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