Time to make Lemonade

Last week was just one of those weeks.  I was incredibly busy and felt rather scattered and stressed out.  This week may be just as busy too, but I am hoping to recharge and go into it with the best attitude possible.  
One thing that was particularly upsetting last week was that I lost a whole bunch of my photos….Pretty much every photo from Labor Day to now.  We had a lot backed up, and the boy had quite a few stored on his computer, but there was a good amount that have been lost forever.  
It brought up a particular flaw of mine that I really need to work on – I am digitally messy.  I don’t properly label my photos, I am bad about organizing them and I take so many.  This little mishap of accidentally deleting my entire photo library, only emphasized that I need to be more  organized with my photos and I need to be better about limiting the ones I keep. 

It’s so easy to take photos of everything, and believe me, I do.  I’m constantly taking photos for my blog, many of which I forget about and get lost in the shuffle.  I’ve been thinking more and more about the days when I would only use disposable cameras – before digital took off and back when I actually didn’t own a camera.  24 exposures and that was it.  It a way, I miss having that preset limit on my photography.  
I am setting myself a new goal this month of reorganizing all the photos I currently have, getting more printed and limiting the new photos I keep.  I still plan on taking plenty of pictures, but I am going to try to be better about deleting the bad, or unimportant shots, especially if they’ve already been blogged.  
If anyone out there has any tips or tricks to organizing your digital photos please share!  I could definitely use some insight into the best ways to stay on top of this goal!  

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