Sweet Valentines

I am definitely in the Valentine’s Day mood.  Something about hearts, flowers, red and pink just delights me year after year.  The boy is not a huge Valentine’s Day fan, and I understand his point of view.  I mean why do we need a designated day to tell the ones we love how we feel about them?  I know it’s a bit of a racket and an excuse to sell cards and flowers, but I still love the idea of Valentine’s Day.  
I’ve been curating my favorite V-day images over on Lockerz.com.  It’s a wonderful way to save and share images, inspirations and things that just straight up make me happy.  Plus, everything I share has the potential to earn me points which equate to amazing savings on some of my favorite brands!  
If you haven’t checked out Lockerz yet, I highly recommend it…It’s totally addictive and fun!  Plus you can view more of my Valentine’s Kisses Collection and help me spread the love!

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