Where Everybody Knows Your Name

This weekend, the boy and I embarked on an apartment hunt.  And it was…challenging.  I guess in a lot of ways we were confronted with many of LA’s issues.  You see, there are so many different areas in this city and while, they all have lots of perks, they also have many set backs.  
We looked at a couple places in Venice, literally right near the beach.  But they were all overpriced, sort of scary and there was no parking to be found anywhere.  Plus then our car overheated and we had to get towed back to Beverly Hills.  
Then we looked at a few places near Franklin Village and, while there were some cool spots, I didn’t feel particularly at home in any of them.  I am still looking at a couple of places in Beverly Hills over the next couple days, so hopefully that will lend a bit of perspective to the mix, but the whole adventure brought a few things into perspective.
Firstly, it made me realize just how nuanced this city is.  Also how spread out it is and how lovely it is.  It also reminded me just how lucky the boy and I have been with our apartments.  The places we’ve found and the deals we’ve snagged…It’s all pretty amazing.  I realized how comfortable I am in Beverly Hills and I also realized how spoiled I’ve become.  I realized that I have been really fortunate to feel safe in my neighborhood, like super safe, but I also came to realize that I have gotten perhaps a bit too safe and unwilling to try new things.  
The boy and I have some thinking and decision making to do this week and I don’t think it’s going to be easy.  But at the same time, I’m excited about the possibility of a fresh start….We’ll just have to wait and see…. 

Our car getting towed from Venice

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