Someday & Scarves

I often think about the fact that someday we are likely to look back at the things we things we thought were fashionable right now and cringe.  Like oversized nerd glasses and peter pan collars.  It seems inevitable and the way of the fashion world, but as of right now, I love the styles of the day!  
I’ve always been one of those girls who sort of dresses like a child.  My style has always been really girly, borderline silly, and vintage inspired.  Now I don’t want to completely change my look, but lately I have been feeling that my style could use an injection of slight sophistication.  
I’ve invested in a few basic blouses and classic dresses to help combat my tendency to dress like I’m still 14.  That being said, I’m sure I’ll continue to rest on my laurels and still wear my fox sweaters and jeans more than anything else.  But let it be known – I am making an effort to be a bit more fashion forward.  
My favorite accessory of the moment is scarves.  I just love the possibilities with a scarf.  So many ways to wear it, so many ways to tie it, and it can bring a new pop of color to any outfit!  
I got this one from my sister-in-law Anna for my birthday and I love it so so much!  It’s the perfect deep green color and it’s light enough that I’m sure I can get lots of wear out if it, even in LA.  

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