Jet Lag

So it’s 6:30 in the morning and I’ve actually been awake since about 4:30.  I also haven’t been able to stay awake much past 9:30pm since we got back from England.  The jet lag can be brutal on these trips.  But even more than the jet lag, I think I’m still just recovering from the final days of 2012.  There was so much going on, so much excitement, so much travel…It can really take it out of a girl.  
Anyway, the nice thing about jet lag is that I can actually have a somewhat slow and easy morning since I’m up so early.  Usually I roll out of bed and have just enough time to make myself presentable before having to dash off to work.  I’m definitely not a morning person, but I wish I was….It’s nice to be able to eat breakfast, blog a bit, enjoy my coffee.  I’d say that I’d make it a goal to start waking up earlier, but I know this won’t last, because I also quite enjoy sleeping until it’s actually light outside.
There is so much to catch up on around the apartment at the moment too – cleaning, organizing, and putting away Christmas decor.  But I’ve been putting it off.  It makes me so sad to have to pack away all my festive decorations!  My goal is to hopefully not fall asleep so early tonight and actually start making a dent in my to do list.  Wish me luck, oh, and Good Morning!

These chickens were from Kauai, where I also never adjusted to the time difference and would wake up at 6 everyday…


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