Happy Fake Christmas!

We’re in the home stretch for Christmas and this week promises to be jam packed with activities and last minute errands!  But the boy and I have actually already begun our celebrations – We actually had a little Christmas dinner (which we affectionately referred to as fake Christmas) and exchanged gifts with my parents this past weekend and it was lovely.  My parents were incredibly generous and gave us the most amazing presents! 

My mom found some amazing vintage decor at a local vintage fair, including this awesome ice bucket and cocktail shaker…I just adore the way they look on our vintage bar cart!  
She also scored this awesome 1960’s coffee carafe and adorable cream and sugar bowls.  How cute are they?  They look straight out of the Dick Van Dyke Show!  
And my Dad was kind enough to give his fabulous DSLR camera to me.  I’ve been wanting one for so long and even though his is slightly used, it’s so much nicer than anything I could ever have hoped for!  I am thrilled and so excited to start learning how to use it better!  

I only hope that they had as nice a time as we did over at their house.  It was beautifully decorated for Christmas and we had a great time!

Also, today is my parents 35th wedding anniversary!  Congratulations to them both- their love is truly inspiring! 

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