This Week…

I met up with one of my favorite fellow dancers, Jackie.  We shared some fries and dished over burgers and wine at the Bowery.  
I attended my office Christmas party and discovered that some of my male co-workers actually have some pretty impressive dance moves.
I wrote another DIY Guest post for Little Tree Vintage blog for a 12 Days of Christmas Embroidery Hoop project.  You can view it by clicking here.
I helped the boy to make a delicious lentil soup on Wednesday and we have been enjoying the left overs ever since.
I received this snood from Arthelias Attic on Etsy and I am pretty much obsessed.  Why did snoods ever go out of fashion?  

I’ve been watching Hart of Dixie on Netflix and I am pretty much hooked.  Rachel Bilson’s wardrobe is so chic, yet fun, I think I’ve found a new TV style icon!

I discovered this wonderful blog, which sources wardrobe sources from all my favorite shows.  Love it!  
I’m finding that having bangs requires a bit more primping in the morning.  I’d like to say that I’m fine with that, but I’m just not a morning person, so it’s been a bit challenging this week.  

 This weekend the boy and I are celebrating Christmas with my parents since we won’t be at their actual Christmas celebration this year.  I must admit, I like spreading out the festivities!  
I also hope to take a tour of my home town tomorrow night and see some Christmas lights.  As much as I love living in the city, we are definitely low on Christmas lights.  Though, not on Rodeo Drive, which has a massive tree, live carol singers and even bouts of fake snow….It’s like a mini Disneyland, but instead of selling Mickey Mouse sweatshirts, they sell Versace dresses.  Potato, Pototto.  
Hope you have a lovely weekend!  

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