Snow Globe DIY Post & Christmas in my Locker

HI Pretties!

It’s raining and gloomy here today in LA and I absolutely love it!  I am wearing my Hunter boots to work and (for the first time) I am trying out the new bangs full force (that is, I’m not pushing them to the side or covering them with a headband.  They are way out in front for everyone to see!)  Like this…

Also if you haven’t seen it already I did a little guest post over on Maria’s blog yesterday on how to put together these little beauties…

Go check it out and while you’re in the Holiday mood, be sure to check out my Do They Know it’s Christmas Collection over on Lockerz.  I’ve been finding so many cute images, inspirations, craft and decor ideas all over the interweb, and have been compiling them all on Lockerz – It’s so much fun!  And with Lockerz you earn points for every item you pin, which you can then use to purchase items at a discount.  So with my points from this Christmas Collection I was able to purchase a couple Christmas presents!  Not too shabby huh?

You can join Lockerz too by clicking HERE.   Hope to see you there! 

Anyway, hope you all have a marvelous day! 

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